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The Stories from Science team


Dr Mark E Thornton
Mark Thornton started out in computer science, before switching to engineering and a PhD in passive solar building design. He founded his own web design and marketing company, built websites for environmental and research organisations, and then worked for a start-up that tracked pork, potatoes and timber across the UK, US, Canada, Borneo and Congo using web-based technology (no, really).

In 2006, he and his wife Nicki founded their own independent bookshop, Mostly Books (which won the inaugural, and to date only, ‘New Bookshop of the Year’ award). It was as a result of talking to so many scientists, engineers and educators in the shop that Mark conceived of a platform to share some of these stories to a wider audience.

After selling the bookshop in 2017, Mark started the ‘Stories from Science’ podcast and digital platform in 2018. It’s entirely subscriber-funded, and you can find out how to support it via the Patreon website here.


Oliver Daniel Nicholls
Oliver is an Oxfordshire-based composer, performer and teacher. He was born and brought up in Oxfordshire and graduated in Music at Oxford Brookes University in June 2015. His passion has been creating music since he started playing piano at 7 years old.

Oliver created the Stories from Science audio branding, and continues to evolve the podcast sound quality, mixing and branding elements. You can discover more about about his performing and composing here.