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what’s it about?

Stories from Science aims to communicate stories from science by providing a platform to meet the people behind the science in an informal, low-key and low-tech way. Stories from Science aims to:

  • talk to people doing awesome things in science to build an engaged community through our digital, Patreon-funded platform
  • communicate excitement around science locally to show how local science is tackling global problems
  • look at the surprising and quirky aspects of science done locally
  • explore how science impacts on everyday life – how science is used to educate, boost literacy, improve society and foster international connections
  • improve understanding of what science is and how science gets done

We’re focusing on Oxford and the Science Vale, including Abingdon, Culham and the Harwell Science Campus. But we want to focus on the ordinary extraodrinary stories of people and pull in the biggest themes facing science and the planet.

We hope you’ll consider listening to the podcastsupporting us – and taking part in shaping our future!