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firefly cage

What’s the most important story you want to tell?


firefly cage tells stories to build science capital, teach coding and help businesses grow

Stories from Science helps to grow science capital locally through a podcast and science-focused community in Oxfordshire and the Science Vale. Whether its bringing the latest science technology to the world through business, taking science into schools in new and dramatic ways, or simply following a passion – we interview anyone and everyone connected by science, to show how important and extraordinary science is – and open a path for people to get into science themselves

Stories from Coding brings computer skills into schools, via dramatic and exciting workshops that use stories to teach coding, understand technology and use coding to boost literacy.

Stories from Business – in a world clamouring for attention, we show you how to use stories to make your business stand out . We help you to use a variety of methods and media to tell your story and make even a complex business prominent to the right people and understood by all.


firefly cage helps the following organisations tell their stories:

Integrated Retail Limited is a company that deploys technology to tell stories at the shelf-edge: engaging, immediate and compelling, firefly cage helps iRex tell its own story behind beautiful, time relevant, and informative content at the shelf edge.

ATOM Festival of Science and Technology celebrates Abingdon as the epicentre of science. firefly cage helps ATOM meet its goal of delivering an inclusive and educational festival to help build science capital in and around Abingdon by telling science stories from Harwell, Culham and Oxford.

Abingdon Science Partnership is primarily a science outreach organisation supported and funded by Abingdon School. firefly cage developed the KS2 Coding Event: Mars Mission, in which year 6 students work against the clock to upload new code to a Mars Mission that hangs in the balance….

You have a story to tell. Your business depends upon it. We’ll spread the word.